Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Festive, Fashionable, Fabulous: How to Set the Perfect Table for Thanksgiving

Intimate gatherings, formal dinner parties, lively family reunions – there are so many brilliant ways to celebrate Thanksgiving! No matter what kind of holiday you plan to host, your tableware and barware play a critical role in creating the right atmosphere. Sure, the turkey is often the star of the show, but I believe it’s the accessories that set the scene for a memorable day! 

In need of some Thanksgiving table setting ideas? I’m sharing all of my favourite styling secrets below!

Choose Organic Patterns and Rich Materials

Much like Christmas, Thanksgiving gives off a very distinct feeling: warm, cozy and natural. While turkey motifs and wicker are fine, I prefer to add flair to my designs by choosing materials and patterns that are a less obvious nod to the Thanksgiving aesthetic. Think nature-inspired designs like my Camouflage placemats and Gem resin napkin rings in tortoiseshell!

I’m always a fan of adding a little sparkle to the table, but for Thanksgiving, I often lean towards matte designs for richness. My Capiz ombré placemats are the perfect example: Their subtle lustre ensures they’ll stand out on your table while sticking to the Thanksgiving theme.

Stray Away from the Expected

My favourite part about hosting is that there are no rules – every occasion is a chance to experiment with your table design and try something unexpected. You might just surprise yourself with what you come up with!

One easy way to spice up your table is through your colour scheme. Browns and oranges are always in style for Thanksgiving, but it’s fun to incorporate nontraditional hues like indigo and navy. You can even skew your colour palette by adding lime greenery and blue painted pumpkins. The vibrant result is sure to impress any guest!

If you’re unsure how to venture into new design territories, I recommend starting with the fundamentals…whether that’s your beloved set of China or an heirloom table runner. Use these pieces to set the foundation for your table, then tweak the rest of the design to make it modern and unexpected!

Give Your Guests Something to Take Home

From side dishes to bouquets, guests are always bringing something to thank you for hosting them. Wouldn’t it be fun if they got to take home a Thanksgiving gift, too? They’ll be surprised and delighted by the gesture, making your event even more special.

I think the table is a brilliant place to incorporate high-quality party favours. Because Thanksgiving is the official kick-off to the holiday season, why not tie a unique Christmas ornament around each napkin in place of a napkin ring? When the night is over, guests can take it home and use it to trim the tree! You can even take the idea a step further by giving each guest a Monogram hanging ornament with their first initial or a zodiac ornament with their star sign.

Another exciting idea? Add a “pop” of fun to the table with my luxury holiday crackers! While crackers are traditionally enjoyed on Christmas, I think they’re a great addition to Thanksgiving dinners, too! Put one on every plate and pop them in between dinner and dessert. Guests will love the beautiful bits and bobs inside, and the included “Guess Who” game will provide loads of entertainment and laughs.

Go the Extra Mile with Your Beverages

Before everyone sits down for a delicious Thanksgiving meal, your guests will probably relax and chat with a drink in hand. I love to create unique experiences with my barware and the cocktails I’m serving. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Bloody Marys…they’re a delicious savoury drink to enjoy before dinner, and you can dress them up with shrimp, bacon, olives and, of course, sparkly accessories! 

How fun would it be to set up a Bloody Mary “station” for Thanksgiving? Set out pre-made drinks on a bar cart or dedicated corner in your dining room. Then, include an array of garnishes that guests can use to dress up their cocktails. Don’t forget the barware, either! Incorporate unique cocktail picks and swizzle sticks into your Bloody Mary bar design for the perfect finishing touch. 

Give Thanks in Style with Thanksgiving Essentials from JOANNA BUCHANAN

Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering with your immediate family or a large party with the whole crew, your Thanksgiving table is sure to be the centre of attention. It’s where everyone will gather to chat, dine and make memories they’ll hold dear for years. The way you design your table can impact the overall mood of the gathering, so it’s important to take the time to choose pieces that reflect the atmosphere you want to create. 

I’m so excited to share my collection of fall and Thanksgiving decor! I think they’re the perfect addition to any holiday event, no matter how big or small. Placemats, dinner napkins, capiz pumpkins, placecard holders – there are so many fun designs to accessorize your table with. I can’t wait to see how you use them to bring your Thanksgiving tablescape ideas to life!

Browse our whole collection for more inspiration, or reach out with any questions. I’d love to chat about your ideas with you!

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