If you’re like me, nothing brings more joy than sitting around
a beautifully arranged table, sharing a delicious meal and drinks with friends.
Bonus points if there’s a buzzing garden or vibrant sunset in the background!

Napkin rings are a critical part of any tabletop.
They can serve as that
perfect finishing touch or a starting point
to base the rest of the design all depends on your vision!

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You’ll find quite a few types of napkin rings to choose from in my collection. For everyday dining, delicate, skinny bands are a great fit. They’ll keep your table looking chic through weeknight dinners and casual lunches. If you’re inviting friends over for a casual meal opt for resin napkin rings. This material is equal parts fashionable and laid-back – perfect for those impromptu gatherings! Of course, every formal fête needs fabulous statement pieces. My wide-band designs are sure to spark conversations (and plenty of compliments)!

The napkin rings you choose will also depend on your personal style, the mood you want to create and even the food you plan to serve. For example, if you prefer a modern design, I’d suggest metal napkin rings. My Single gem napkin rings in grey are an excellent choice – the wide silver band is sleek, while the dark crystal stone adds a touch of glamour. 

Want to create a fresh, playful atmosphere? My Stripey bee resin napkin rings are lots of fun. I just love them for a casual yet chic lunch or even to keep on the table for everyday use! Don’t forget the menu – coordinating your table setting with the food you’re serving is a brilliant way to make your event more memorable. How fun would it be to sit down for a seafood bake with sparkling lobster napkin rings?


The best part about designing a tablescape is that you don’t have to stick to strict rules! I love mixing and matching different pieces (napkin rings included!) to create a design that’s entirely one-of-a-kind. Not sure where to begin? Try pairing understated styles with statement pieces in similar colour schemes. You’ll add plenty of visual interest while ensuring your table still looks polished. Mixing up your motifs is another fun option – for a garden party, alternate dragonflies, ladybugs and grasshoppers around the table. Your guests will be thrilled to see which critter you chose for them!

Of course, napkin rings aren’t the only items that can be mixed and matched. Keep barware and tableware in mind, too! Coordinating cocktail picks, placecard holders, table runners and more should also be incorporated to complete the look. Keep your design consistent by choosing similar materials, motifs or colours.


I like to think of my napkin rings as jewelry for the table...just like that stunning necklace or pair of earrings you put on to elevate your outfit. This goes for their quality, too – whether you choose glamorous crystal napkin rings or elegant agate napkin rings, you’ll find that every option offers the same quality construction, premium materials and attention to detail as your favourite designer accessories. Crafted from stylish yet durable brass, each piece is made to last year after year...and party after party!

Have questions about my designer napkin rings or need help choosing the perfect design? Feel free to reach out – I’m always happy to share my styling secrets and offer up some table inspo!