Capiz skull, pearl

$98.00 USD

I never thought I would ever design a skull... let alone enjoy the process!!! But when I thought about how I like to decorate at Halloween it became inevitable! I like to use decorative items that have an inherent beauty and quality to them, not throw away and easily disposed of so I decided to create these skulls in capiz shell. And I don't think anyone else is doing this right now! I am not a huge fan of orange and black - so I loved using beautiful colours that will work in my home. And the trifecta with the matching pumpkins is the easiest way to signal we have a change in season!

I grew up in the Philippines and capiz was used in so many decorative objects. I adore the subtle luster and the way it throws colours is just stunning. 

5.5" high, 7" back to front, 5 " side to side
Hand pieced shell
Crafted in the Philippines


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