Enamel koi chopstick rests and chopsticks, set of four


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I am a big fan of sushi and Chinese food. I always like to make it feel like a special occasion when we order in and thought what would make those meals a little more fabulous? Beautiful, hand-enameled koi chopstick rests of course!

The koi fish is a symbol of luck and they come with gold chopsticks that you can use over and over again... no need for the wood takeaway ones! Gorgeous and good for the environment these are just a win all around!

Such a perfect gift to anyone who is a serial chopstick user. Pair them with their matching napkin rings for an even more OTT home event!

Brass, enamel and glass
Rests are 3.25" long x 0.75" high x 2" width
Set of four rests and four pairs of chopsticks
Packaged in a gift box