Rules for Mixing and Matching Decorative Pillows

Pillows or cushions are typically the last elements to add when decorating a room. But if you love throw pillows just as much as I do and struggle with how to use them in your room decor, you’ve come to the right place! Decorative pillows should add a punch to your space, not unlike a statement earring. But let’s not rule out that the perfect pillow can also act as the inspiration piece around which you build your design. 

Pillows should tell a story and be playful and whimsical, adding interest to your space first and function second. And learning how to mix and match colours, fabrics, patterns and scale with pillows will elevate your space..

As a huge fan of decorative pillows and decorative couch cushions, I can attest to the power they yield in an otherwise dull room. Adding pillows not only brings comfort, but it softens hard lines and brings a textural feel to a space that might otherwise seem too structured or industrial. But if you don't have much experience with room design, getting pillows to look the way they do in your head can be challenging. That's why I’m sharing my infinite pillow wisdom with you! 

If you follow my tips and tricks for mixing and matching pillows as decor, I guarantee you'll love the way it all turns out in the end.

My Guide to Mixing Fringe, Embroidery and Embellishments

Why choose one decorative element when you can mix them all? I love combining gorgeous details like fringe, embroidery, piping and pattern, especially in my sitting room. In fact, when it comes to decorative pillows, I always say, more really is more! But that's the best part about decorating with pillows – you can pick one element, whether it's colour or pattern and use it to pick up other room features. 

I also love using decorative cushions in my bedroom- my bedding is pretty simple- as I have a super industrial shiny gold metal bed from CB2 and the whole aesthetic is quite clean- ( I confess I also have two ceramic garden stools as bedside tables as my garden is always coming inside somehow!) …but I added two of the  really decorative embroidered beetle pillows to the bed- to echo the sparkle from the metal and also mimic the garden theme.

So, my advice to you? Don't be afraid to mix embroidered pillows with printed ones, embroidery with other textures…. You are looking to create a rich and interesting effect. It's also super interesting when you mix base fabrics- for example, linen with cotton velvet…not everything has to be the same base fabric. You can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to cushions and pillows!

How to Combine Pattern, Scale, Shape and Size

From large pillows and small cushions to oversized tropical prints and small florals, squares, tubes and circles, pillows come in all shapes and sizes – and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them all. I recommend mixing and matching until you find a selection that looks lovely together. It’s also best to keep with a single theme, such as colour or motif, and then add cute cushions and throw pillows that bring it to life. You might even opt for a room that's entirely decorated in various hues of blue or one that celebrates plants and greenery. Or maybe you want to establish a favourite decorative style such as Shabby Chic or celebrate your Southwestern heritage. The main takeaway is that a single pillow, or a single grouping of pillows, can be the most influential element in the room and the one that drives your decor home.

Because the perfect throw pillow is so very important, I'm excited to introduce you to my whimsical collection of decorative pillows for your living room, bedroom, library or study. They're perfect accents for sunrooms and kitchen benches, armchairs and daybeds. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Joanna Buchanan’s Decorative Pillow Edit

Bee Mix

Nature is my biggest inspiration, which is why I'm so happy to share elements of my bee pillows with you. My embroidered bee fringe pillow in hunter green includes everything I adore. And you can choose to mix and match it with my pretty bug lumbar pillow or the embroidered bee pom pom pillow in natural linen. They each feature different fabrics, textures, edging and shapes, making them perfect for groupings.

Tropical Mix

My tropical collection is perfect for anyone that’s a true tropics lover at heart. It features natural fabrics, organic shapes and coordinating motifs such as palm trees, pineapples and fronds – these may be just what you need to brighten up your space for entertaining. After all, palm tree pillows are a charming accompaniment to any summer party. And they'll enchant your guests with their welcoming motifs.

Winter Wonderland Mix

Winter calls for its own kind of inspiration. Cold winter nights are always better with the company of good friends and cozy times around the fire. So, make your guests comfortable with my embroidered celestial pillow, moon pillow or whimsical taupe design with feathers. You can pair them up together or toss them about the room separately to add texture to your space.

Coastal Mix

My coastal mix of decorative pillows coordinates nicely with other elements in my coastal collection. The sealife pillow in indigo, shell pillow in aqua and the oversized embroidered pillow on natural linen complement one another perfectly. And they all coordinate with my gorgeous line of coastal table decor.

All of my items are carefully curated to celebrate the things I love the most. All are intended to pamper and delight my friends and family. I hope you enjoy shopping my collections and discovering all the delightful surprises that await. Happy decorating!

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