Welcome Summer!

Pineapples were a big inspiration for us this summer... the colour, the tropical vibe, the graphic emotion! And as we were doing more research, we discovered the pineapple has a deep history as a symbol of welcome and hospitality, which made us love adding pineapple into our summer mix even more. We want to make every summer day a #pineappleparty!


Did you know that Colonial women in the Southern United States would rent an actual pineapple as the crown of their brunch tablescapes? It was the ultimate symbol of status and hospitality on the table and a true delicacy on the plate. The people doing the renting would then sell it to the next fashionable (and more wealthy) neighbor to actually serve at their dinner table. Can you imagine? Makes us ever more appreciative of popping into the local market and finding the fabulous fruit all year long. Read more of the pineapple's storied history from our friends at Southern Living.


But the intention of those tablescaping ladies that paved the way for our modern table decor is very much present with us — we believe in the joys of entertaining at home, taking time to do things well and with care... and making the everyday moments count with beauty and whimsy. Why use something ordinary when you could use something beautiful?


xx, Joanna 


ps ... that fab pineapple pattern up there is WALL PAPER from Rifle Paper Co. Totally covetable!  



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