Luxury yacht tabletop inspiration

Step aboard a journey of maritime elegance with Joanna Buchanan's nautical tabletop and barware collection. Inspired by the luxurious lifestyle of yacht living and the boldness of nautical flags, our hand-enameled pieces exude vibrancy and sophistication, perfect for dining aboard a luxury yacht. Picture yourself sipping cocktails on deck, each one adorned with our nautical flag cocktail picks, adding a personalized touch to every sip. With our nautical wine charms, guests can easily identify their glasses, ensuring that no mix-ups occur during your fabulous gatherings.

Pairing our hand-enameled pieces with rustic nautical chargers creates a striking contrast that is ideal for life at sea. The silver metal finishes mimic the gleaming yacht hardware, adding a touch of glamour to your table setting. Imagine the fun of setting the table with our nautical-inspired pieces, each one adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your maritime affair.

For a finishing touch, adorn your table with our knot napkin rings and place card holders, adding an extra layer of nautical flair. Set against a backdrop of bold, bright flowers, your table will come to life with color and vibrancy, delighting and impressing your guests with its stunning beauty.

Joanna Buchanan's nautical tabletop and barware collection offer a voyage into elegance and sophistication, inspired by the allure of yacht life and the boldness of nautical flags. With hand-enameled pieces, nautical flag cocktail picks, wine charms, rustic chargers, knot napkin rings, and place card holders, you can create a table setting that is as luxurious as it is inviting. So set sail on a journey of maritime charm with Joanna Buchanan's nautical collection and make every gathering a memorable adventure on the high seas.

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