It symbolizes stability and authenticity – which is certainly something I am looking for at the moment.


I loved this article in the NY Times about the colour, and its history:

"While cobalt blue is enjoying renewed popularity, it is in fact a hue with rich history — elemental, even. Cobalt is silvery-blue metal in its raw form, and was used in Chinese porcelain and Babylon ceramic glazes because of the vibrant hue created when fired. Chemist Louis Jacques Thénard created a synthetic version of the color in the early 1800s and it quickly became popular with artists like Vincent Van Gogh, who used it in “Starry Night.” The hue also has famous associations like Jardin Majorelle, the one-time estate of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakesh."

The whole article is worth a read (after you are done filling your carts with cobalt perfection of course)!

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