Blug clips... once you pop, you just can't stop!

My whole world began with the stripey bee clip and we have built the whole business from that very small stripey bug. The concept was to be able to decorate a wreath or garland without ruining your nails or scratching your hands with wire… so much easier to clip a decoration on than ‘ attach’ it. Each bug has hidden clip on the back that lets you attach it to literally almost anything.

We developed a whole collection of bugs that we now see being used in so many very different ways! 

How to Decorate Your Home With Bugs

I am so very excited to share some ideas of how we, and our JB friends, are using the bug clips all over their homes and in the everyday- always so fabulous to bring a little sparkle into your world! 

Bugs in the Tablescape

The table is a wonderful place to use our bug clips….from your floral centerpiece to your napkins… I also love using them as very glamorous placecard holders.  You can also clip them to the edge of a placemat for a bit of extra decoration or onto the rims of your water glasses. Take a look at how Julie from x intertiors used them at the Verandah Orchid dinner… stunning. Link here to verandah coverage.

They're that lovely extra touch that truly personalizes your place settings. It’s all in the details- and your guests will notice , for sure!

Bugs During Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour will never be the same once you’ve used the cocktail bugs to decorate your guests glasses…. use them to attach the garnishes- or as a marker for each glass. They are a wonderful conversation starter as well if you want people to meet new friends.

John images and link to morten?

Bugs on Plants

I love using bugs on orchids- I think they take them to a whole other level of glamour- even a simple orchid from Wholefood’s can be transformed with a bug clip- and what a fabulous hostess gift THAT would make! I am known as the ‘orchid killer’ but with a sparkle bug on the stem… not such an issue!

Orchid image

Bugs at the a Wedding?

Hosting a reception or bridal lunch? My sparkle bees are colourful enough to fit with any colour scheme. And if the bride needs her 'something borrowed, something blue,’ lend her a gem encrusted, sparkling bug to wear down the aisle. They're perfect accent pieces, and she can clip one onto her bouquet or onto the ring bearer's pillow. We have even seen our bugs worn on men’s lapels! The groom can have his own sparkle moment!

( bouquet image)

The. Boxes of clips are also lovely gifts for the bridesmaids. Or use them to decorate plants, linens and bows at the reception, then give them as gifts to the wedding party. Link to marcy blums insta post if possible?

Bugs for Gifts

Nothing shouts louder “ I love you”  ( and I have time for you!) than a beautifully wrapped gift- and I just love using our bug clips as gift toppers that the recipient can use over and over again. You can colour coordinate- or go for contrast- with something as short loved as gift wrap- I always go bold and have fun!

They're also a thoughtful way to elevate the common gift card to a truly personalized level. Makes it look super thoughtful and planned! Or use the clip to hold a greeting card and guft card together… my brain is spinning with ideas now!

Or wrap a ribbon around the neck of a bottle of something fizzy and clip on a bug….’Waiter… there’s a bug in my drink’! Never gets old!

We also have Mothers day coming up…so clip one onto the tissue paper in a gift bag or to the card on her box of chocolates. 

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas, and I'd love to hear how you've utilized my bug clips at your own parties and events. Hopefully, you're feeling inspired right now, and you're ready to sprinkle some sparkle!!

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