Beautiful Luxury Stocking Stuffers They'll Never Forget  



So much joyful lore surrounds the history of Christmas stocking stuffers, but nobody really knows for sure how the practice began. It may have been passed down by the Dutch, whose children left small presents for Sinterklass in their shoes by the hearth. Or, maybe it derived from an old tale of how St. Nicholas tossed gold coins down a chimney, only to have them land in socks left drying by the fire.

Regardless, I've adored this tradition from childhood, and I'm guessing you do, too. Though today, I do things a tad differently. I like to hang my stockings early and match them to my room's decor to boost my holiday spirit. But most importantly, I fill them with the most special, carefully curated gifts I can find and know the gift opener will love. 

But before you start buying those beautiful hand-picked stocking stuffers, it all begins with the stocking. Here’s how I like to tie a stocking into my home decor to decorate for the holidays.

How to Style and Pick Your Stocking

I put a lot of thought into my holiday theme each year and choose my stockings accordingly. Plus, I enjoy mixing things up from season to season, from patterns to fabrics, colours and more. For example, some years, I celebrate the influence of nature and focus on soft, simple fabrics such as cotton, linen or even suede. These stockings lend a pure, homey feeling to my mantel, especially when I surround them with elements such as driftwood, pine cones or rosehip branches. Other years, I choose opulence over functionality and go big by hanging stockings covered in hand embroidery, gold piping and soft, luxurious velvets or faux furs. It all just gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

There's no right or wrong way to decorate your home for the holidays. And regardless of the theme you choose, your Christmas stockings are a wonderful way to surprise the people you love with cherished trinkets like housewarming gifts, jewelry, perfumes or other luxury Christmas gifts you know they'll adore.

Are you looking for some holiday stocking stuffer inspiration? My favourite ideas for the holiday season are below and fall at a reasonable price for any budget.


Sparkling ornaments make lovely stocking stuffers. My carefully curated line of hanging holiday ornaments are beautiful gifts for collectors and that someone you want to give something extra special to. Inspired by all things nature, my stripey bees, lustrous pearl bugs and delicate dragonflies are unique and luxurious stocking stuffers. And an exquisite glass tree topper adds the perfect finishing touch. We even have them already festively wrapped to fit seamlessly into your stockings. We guarantee that friends and family will think of you and cherish them anew every year as they decorate the tree.


Keychains make lovely, personalized gifts for the designated driver on your list. My giant gem keychain can be attached to all of our ornaments, too, so you can mix and match any way you like, adding that extra touch of personalization. You can even purchase the keychain with the matching ornament for the perfect two-in-one gift.

Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are a British tradition that I've always adored. My take on the traditional Christmas cracker features beautifully adorned packages that hide the most spectacular luxury Christmas gifts inside. What your guest will find is a mystery, but rest assured, it will always be something they're going to love. My Christmas crackers come in sets of six, and each fits perfectly in a traditional stocking. I designed the surprises inside myself, and I know the recipient is going to love them just as much as I do!

Boxes of Chocolate

And who doesn't love chocolate? Always traditional, boxes of chocolates from some of my favourite sources are perfect accessories for your Christmas stockings. Li-Lac Chocolates, in New York, offers themed chocolate holiday gifts that speak to the story of Dutch Sinterklaas. Don’t you just love the unique treasures they sell?

Another favourite of mine is MarieBelle. Also located in New York, their Imperial Treasures Collection features all things holiday. Slip a small, beautifully wrapped box of MarieBelle chocolates into your stockings this year to show your most important people just how much you care.


Self-care is in this year, and nothing fills that need better than luxury stocking stuffers made of high-quality lotions and soaps. OSEA of Malibu offers exquisite deals on luxury bath and body items, and most make ideal stocking stuffers. Also, ClausPorto is my go-to source for lovely scented soaps. Consider soap collections, hand cream sets or other luxury body care items to help loved ones pamper themselves this holiday. These are gifts I would love to receive myself, so I know my friends and family will enjoy them, too!


A highly scented candle is always appreciated, and they make for perfect housewarming gifts for the new homeowner or the college student on your holiday shopping list. My candle collection features warm, refreshing scents inspired by many things, from my adventures in India to my mother's favourite flowers. Choose a candle and match it with an accessory, like my candle snuffer or wick trimmer, to fill a stocking with style. I’ve even made sure everything comes brilliantly wrapped for the most simple gift-giving.


Jewelry has and will continue to be one of my favourite items to give (and receive). Who doesn't love tugging a prettily wrapped ring or bracelet box from their Christmas stocking? This holiday, share the love by giving that special person monogrammed charms, whimsical bee charms, earrings, or adorable bug brooches. All charms, including monograms and the stripey bee, are designed to work with gold chains or our giant gem keychain.

Get Started Stuffing That Stocking

My advice is to shop early this year, so your stocking stuffers are sure to arrive in plenty of time for Christmas gift-giving. And enjoy perusing my collection and the collections of those I've recommended. I just know you're going to love sharing in the joy when you give gifts friends and family can cherish for years to come. And, let’s not forget, everything I've recommended today comes pre-wrapped in festive packaging to save time and energy that you could better spend celebrating. Enjoy! And have a happy holiday season!

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