Monogram Hanging Ornament G


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I am so excited to be launching the monogram ornament collection this year. This alphabet is completely unique to JB and you will not find a more meaningful gift- for a child, grandchild, best friend, newly married couple... the list just goes on! 

The alphabet was created after I found two vintage tie pins in an antique store ( they were 'G' and 'H'- my children's initials) and I was so excited to create a deco alphabet around these two letters. They have been used on our monogram napkin rings ( another great gift!) and I am sure we will use them on something else again soon!

'G' is for Georgina!

24K gold plated zinc with a large Swarovski stone and ribbon from Switzerland.
2" x 2" x 0.25"
Packaged in stunning keepsake gift box.