About Global-e 

Global-e US Inc. (“Global-e”) is a global fulfillment partner, handling international online orders for many leading brands (selected countries supported). Through the services rendered by Global-e, international shoppers enjoy a localized experience whereby you place your order with Global-e in your local currency, and all the shipping costs, customs duties and other taxes can be calculated, presented and paid during the checkout so that your cross-border shopping experience is seamless. Depending on your geography, payment may be routed through Global-e Australia Pty Ltd., our affiliate. 

Contact Us 
If you have any questions or queries regarding your order please email us at: 

For any sales or marketing inquiries please visit 

10 East 33rd Street, 12th Floor, 
New York, New York 10016 
United States 

If you are making your purchase from Australia, you may also contact us at or at Global-e Australia Pty. Ltd., address 34 Quin St., Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia.