Gorgeous gatherings – Thanksgiving edition!



When I think about Thanksgiving, I immediately think of good food,
cozy fires, and family. Not necessarily in that order!


Being British –  and raised primarily in Hong Kong – I don’t have family Thanksgiving traditions from growing up, but I absolutely adore the holiday and it’s one of my favorite times of year to entertain.

I should clarify that my most fabulous mum is American, despite her not living in the States for quite some time... and I do vaguely remember some Thanksgivings in Hong Kong prior to heading off to England for school... but ... the holiday was never a main event like it is now!!!

I adore making new memories with my husband and kids and extended American family here. Follow along on Facebook, Insta and our right here on the new blog (!!!) this week for a sneak peak into how I’m planning for this year’s gorgeous gathering!





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