Adding a pop of colour to your dining table!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when showing our line to customers is how to bring a mix of colour to the dining table in a chic way … one that feels delightful, not disheveled!

The first thing I always think of the mood I am trying to create before I settle on a colour palette… rustic? glamorous? formal? easy? This tends to dictate the china which can be used as jumping off point for the entire table. For the china, most people have a fairly neutral set of china…. white, blue/ white, black/ white… which is a really smart and sensible choice can go with anything and can be styled with so many options. So you have your base and then what is next …

The flowers! Colour always comes through flowers and the vessels you choose! Depending on what’s in season and what’s available (especially now, choosing from local delivery/pick up options can be really limited), you can then choose your vessels and you have your first layer of colour. 





Once you have the china and the flowers, my next step is to pull together three harmonious colours and work around that…Bright yellow daffodils look amazing with blue and white. Only have red roses at the market? Try pops of pink and orange on the table for a very modern approach to color mixing. And don’t forget that natural greenery is truly a neutral, so you can never have too much of fresh green! Greens of all sorts always bring a crisp freshness to the table … so when all else fails, pop a mass of garden greens in a metallic vessel and you’ve got the start of something elegant.

And vases and pots to hold the flowers can be inspired! Look out at flea markets or ebay for old glass and crystal or vintage china pots, jars, pitchers… pick a colour and collect all the shades!





The china and the flowers are set …now comes the real fun. The table accessories!  I have a bit of a collection (I’m sure you’ve seen it!), so I play with what I have on hand and always try to make it look fresh by mixing and matching. Napkin rings and napkins are such a fun way to pull in colour. Trying to match those items to your main flower colour will make the table look tight and well planned.  If you have one main colour scheme anchoring the table (like blue and white in the picture above) that is really the star of the show, your accessories can be a bit more neutral (like our Skinny Stripey Bee napkin rings) to let those colors really shine. If you have a neutral table, go wild with a multi-colored napkin ring (like our Rainbow Bug napkin rings) that plays off a mix of colourful flowers.

There are really so many fun ways to set a colorful table … start with a few key colours and then play around until you get the vibe you are looking for! Need specific advice on how to mix and match some of our collection? Drop us a line at … we always LOVE to help!


Ps... these amazing images are from a lovely feature on entertaining from garden in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens magazine. Go have a look after you've picked out your rings and napkins! 

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