Simply fabulous Mother's Day Brunch Tables

With our world getting a bit back to "normal" this Spring, I'm hoping you are able to gather with all the VIPs in your life! Mums, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, friends ... all so worthy of celebrating!

Making this year extra-special doesn't have to be a huge production though... a few thoughtful pieces for the table, some fresh flowers, some jeweled bugs and you are on your way to a brilliant brunch!

Joanna Buchanan Ruffle placemat
Joanna Buchanan napkin rings

I love the pop of pink on our new Ruffle placemats! I think they would be magnificent with any of our floral napkins and they are such a wonderful base for any china you might have from a simple white plate to a vintage patterned set. They are a party just waiting to happen!

Our Delicate druzy napkin rings are new to the collection this Spring and I just love them! They add instant elegance to any napkins and come in a set of eight... so easy!

Joanna Buchanan wine charms
Joanna Buchanan clip set

Wine charms are a new MUST HAVE item now that we are allowed to gather in small groups again! Make sure everyone's glasses are well marked and grab a set or two for the mums to take home for their next cocktail hour! We love the druzy set with its fun, springy colours for brunch.

Our signature Classic Bee clip set in fun pastel tones can be popped onto the table or used as placecard holders... and will liven up even the most simple store-bought florals. Simply cut your blooms, place them in a shallow vase or bowl and clip the bugs on. Simple glamour! (And a lovely, sparkly treat to send home with Mum on her special day!)

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