Set the Table for Easter!

How to Set Your Easter Table  

Spring has sprung, and the bees are almost buzzing…it’s officially my favourite time of year! With the budding trees and blossoming flowers comes a time of new beginnings and fresh starts! Easter provides a ton of inspiration this time of year, but I'm not a fan of bright, artificial colours or plastic ANYTHING. I like to take my cues from nature – soft but lively colour schemes and lots of natural textures like wood, moss, leaves and petals. 

Are you like me? Do you simply adore setting a lovely Easter table and inviting your favourite people over to enjoy it? If you are, then I hope you find your own inspiration in my new Easter tree and table decor ideas. They're elegant and understated, and they beckon spring with sophistication and charm. Your guests won't find any plastic eggs, but they'll find plenty of other beautiful surprises.

Celebrate Spring Through Your Easter Table Decor

I always like to begin with a simple-but-elegant table runner. My straw bee table runner makes a perfect backdrop for vases of varying heights, wooden bowls and simple vessels. Fill your vessels up with springtime florals- there are so many wonderful ones to choose from- tulips, daffodils, muscari and then add tons of striking greenery… take your cues from the flowers you have picked. Remember- don’t go too high with your arrangement so that people can see and chat across the table!

Then you can begin adding in small touches and accessories like these:

Beaded placemats like our stripey bee chargers are perfect to layer up, and add all the beautiful accessories too- think placecard holders, napkins, napkin rings- the key is to end up with a visually full table with elements that coordinate but don’t have to match! Again- if butterflies and bees coexist happily in nature- then they can too on your table! And our floral inspired napkins are just perfect for an Easter themed table.

Accessories & Icons that Signal Easter

Don’t forget to accessorize! Tiny butterfly clips or hanging ornaments make beautiful adornments for your branches and stems. You can even carry that traditional pastel Easter palette throughout without being gaudy by using colours that appear 'dusty' or muted. Duck egg blue dinner napkins, combined with straw pom pom napkin rings in natural or barely pink, easily signal spring to your dinner table. 

For an inspiring assortment of table decor that can easily be mixed and matched, browse through my Easter collection featuring both. Pull from the ones you love the most, and have fun pairing your favourites together.

Decorate an Unexpected Area

Its lovely to have an element of surprise when you have guests over…don’t forget to add a special little bud vase with a single stem in the bathroom, or to a sideboard…and pop a few enamel clips on a larger floral arrangement for a real moment of discovery!

Move the Celebration Outside

What better time for a garden party than in the spring when the Earth is in renewal? Take inspiration for your outdoor party with symbols of rebirth: butterflies, delicate tree and flower buds or beautiful bees. And use pretty melamine dinnerware for outdoor parties, children's tables or anywhere you want to add an extra special element of spring. 

The stripey bees, butterflies and hydrangea motifs in my Easter collection are ideal outdoor choices for your rustic Easter table decor, and my sparkle egg place card holders add that perfect, elegant touch.

Don't Forget the Easter Tree

Your Easter decorations won't be complete without an Easter tree, the highlight of my spring decor every year! Not only is it a great way to bring some colour and nature into your home, but it can be a fun activity for the kids to help with too. 

Add elements like cherry blossoms or quince branches at a great scale, and select a lovely large vase to put them in. Clipping butterflies and hanging ornaments on the branches also add a sparkly, delicate touch. Whether in your front hallway or on your kitchen island, all your visitors will enjoy the bold statement!

I hope you find some inspiration in these Easter table decor ideas. As one of my favourite times of the year, I know what goes into the preparation. Happy spring, happy decorating and happy entertaining!

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