Joanna's five tips for hosting

pick a theme or a vibe

it makes it so much easier to stay on task if you know what you are trying to achieve. eg- are you looking for an easy breezy casual lunch (think loose flowers and casual linens) or are you wanting something more formal where it feels more like an occasion? once you have a theme selected, play with the details in that theme.

everything must be set the day before

and I mean everything... plates pulled, serving dishes allocated,and meal prep done. the more stress-free you are, the moreat ease your guests will feel as well.

flowers make everything better

so go big on those and put them everywhere!including the bathroom- people will notice!

have fun with the drink station

let people mix their own drinks and have tons of pretty garnishes, cordials, and cocktail picks, and pretty straws (of course!) so that everything can be decorated and people can try something new.

set the tone

the whole point of getting together is to enjoy each other's company- so take a minute and even though you never FULLY switch off, make sure to have some one-on-one time with everyone and smile! a smile always helps you to relax!

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