Introducing our new Gift Registry!

What's on your list?

When we got married, the wedding registry was probably one of the most controversial aspects of wedding planning! Who would have thought?? My husband Brad and I felt we already had so much and it seemed greedy to be asking for “more.” My mother felt it was absolutely requisite to have one. We did not do one. Sigh. However, in hindsight (always such a good thing!), I see that it wasn't about us at all – it was about the feelings and desires of our guests and how THEY wanted to set us up with beautiful things and THEY wanted to play a part in our future and give us something to remember them by. The luxury to gift someone something that they will love forever is itself a gift. I have pieces that I adore and whenever I look at them, I remember the friend that gave it to me/us and what an everyday joy that is. I now wish we had made a list of curated things that we loved and would treasure, hence the launch of our wedding registry! We have partnered with My Registry which connects all of your registries together into one organized list so making your life so much easier I hope! And you know what? Gift lists shouldn’t just be for weddings + babies! They should be for any milestone event you want to celebrate! Graduation? Yes. First adult apartment? Check. Finished your PhD, MBA or JD? Absolutely! Turning 50 and fabulous? For sure. Moving cross country or cross continents with no idea what to expect? Yep. YES to it all! And because I am now super excited about all of this... we are also adding a handy little "drop a hint" button to our site which allows you to give your loved ones a nudge if you see something on our site that you covetNot an overt request, just a little wink and a point in the right direction! I adore this feature for birthdays and special occasions. I really hope people send me some hints with the holidays approaching… I only want to give what I know will be loved.

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