Gorgeous Gatherings – Set the Mood for Thanksgiving



For Thanksgiving, I prefer something really layered and ‘full’ and this year I think a navy and deep jewel tones feel so new and chic.


I start with thinking what mood I want to conjure up… is it clean and modern or more lush and rich? For Thanksgiving I prefer something really layered and ‘full’ and this year I think a navy and deep jewel tones feels so new and chic. I think something darker at this time of year feels very appropriate but I am not ready to go full blown metallic/jewel tones… yet!


Our green ombré or holiday plaid placemats make a wonderful base to start from as you can pick out various different colors to accent with…. we pulled out the metallics in our table and accented with purples and natural greens.


Look for an anchor color or theme for your décor and run with it. We love our turkey napkin rings … the bird is perfect for the holiday of course, but the color palette of rich gold and topaz colored crystals will be a stunning neutral you can use in new color schemes for years to come.


Try to keep the theme of your table running through all aspects of the house decor from the flowers to the bar cart or bar tray.


Fresh flowers are hugely important to me and at this time of year I don’t feel the need to go to orange but love the purples and blue tones of kale and thistle and like to pair them with succulents and white pumpkins for a fresh take on neutral and green. Don’t forget to pop a sparkle bug onto your arrangement! You can play with proportion of color, but the flowers on your mantelpiece should have the same feeling as the flowers on your table. And a mini version of your arrangement or a single stem in a vintage glass on the bar cart ties everything together.


And the color theme for the table should also be reflected in your bar cart. We love our ombré coasters paired with their placemats … but why not do something a bit more unexpected and go with a flax linen bee coaster for a little glitter with your buzz?




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