Tree print everyday placemat, green with grey, set of two

$44.00 USD

I wanted to find something we could use everyday – for the whole family and not worry about spilled lasagna and gobs of jello!  All the 'kid friendly' options were not chic! This is my perfect everyday placemat... ideal for family meals, easy at home lunches and any casual gathering.

These are also fantastic for outdoor need to worry about any unexpected spills! Mix and match with the blue colorway for a super chic color play!

We’ve partnered with a company who’s been in business for five decades to create these top-notch, super "luxe" feeling placemats that will be with you for years to come. And colour combinations are timeless too!

Corked-backed laminate
17” x 11.5”
Set of 2
CARE: Wipe clean with a damp cloth, dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Heat resistant up to 110° C/ 230° F.


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