Luxury celebration crackers, navy with silver


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Our glamorous take on the traditional British Christmas cracker, we designed every bit of these luxury celebration crackers – from our signature leaf-print paper to the glittering silver crown inside! Uber luxe, these crackers contain the most fantastic party favors inside: a unique cocktail straw with a jeweled icon. Everyone can use it immediately and mark their glass!

Crackers are NOT just for Christmas! We designed these in navy and silver and non-holiday-specific prizes to be perfect for any occasion! Think wedding showers, engagement parties, baby showers, or birthday parties... these poppers and their extra EXTRA prizes will be the show-stopper of your event!

For extra fun, we've included a game like scrabble and some spelling bee questions! All the things you will need to puzzle with words over your party table! Bound to spark some interesting conversations... and who is the smartest wordsmith at the table?

Paper crackers: 1 x red lip cocktail straw, 1 x stripey bee cocktail straw, 1 x pink heart cocktail straw, 1 x gold moon cocktail straw, 1 x yellow pineapple cocktail straw, 1 x silver star cocktail straw, 12 spelling bee cards (all exclusively designed by Joanna) and one tile word game. 

Set of six crackers
Each cracker is 12.5" x 2.5"
The box is 15" x 13" x 3"